Seafood Paella & Paella Pan by Magefesa USA

In a previous post we talked about the Mediterranean Cuisine and its countless health benefits. Today, we will share the recipe of one of the most representative dishes of Mediterranean diet: the emblematic paella. Originally from Valencia, Spain, this rice stew can be cooked using multiple combinations of ingredients, giving paella different names: Mixed Paella (made of chicken and seafood), Seafood Paella, Vegetarian Paella etc….

Original Seafood Paella includes: cuttlefish, crawfish, clams, lobster, mussels and of course rice. Paella´s best secret is patience and love, and of course, a good Magefesa  paella pan to cook it! A must-have piece of equipment if you want your paella to come out juicy and full of flavor.
This easy to follow seafood paella recipe will allow even the most inexperienced cook to prepare a mouth-watering dinner!

Magefesa´s Paella Pan

Classic Danubio Paella Pan 10″


The thick carbon steel construction conducts heat fast and evenly making it ideal for paella.
Highly polished double layer enamel exterior provides maximum durability and easy cleaning.
Superior nonstick coating on cooking surface prevents food from sticking and burning.
The flat base ensures the rice cooks in a thin layer and allows direct contact with burners.
Bakelite loop handles are oven safe to 570ºF providing an easy handling.
Stainless steel rims protect the pan from chipping.
Suitable for any type of hobs and outdoor grills.
Available in different sizes and colors.

A new Recipe

Seafood Paella


•    12 Mussels
•    1 kg Fish (for the stock)
•    400 Grms Rice
•    8 Crawfish (Peeled)
•    8 Prawns (peeled)
•    2 Squids (sliced)
•    1 Tomato
•    Parsley
•    Garlic
•    Saffron (can be replaced for paprika)
•    Salt
•    Olive oil

To make the stock , boil  fish for 45 minutes, then add mussels and cook until they open.
move away  When all the mussels have opened, Remove from water and take  them out of the the shell. Strain stock in a casserole and reserve.
Place tomato, parsley, garlic, crawfish,  peeled prawns and squids.  Sauté until golden brown.
Add the rice and stock, saffron, salt and mussels.
Put paella pan over medium heat and  let ingredients cook for 20 minutes.
Once paella is ready, cut a lemon in four pieces  wedges  and use it to decorate.  Serve along with paella.
Recipe yields 10 servings

Care for nonstick products

Cleaning guidelines for nonstick enamel products

We recommend that the following guidelines for cleaning & maintenance are followed to extend the life of your Magefesa nonstick enamel products and keep them looking and cooking their best.

Before First Time Use.

Wash in warm soapy water using a sponge or dishcloth to remove manufacturing oils and polishing compounds.
Rinse thoroughly and dry immediately with a soft cloth to prevent water spotting.
Remove the manufacturer stickers using hot soapy water and a sponge. Do not use knives or any other sharp utensils to prevent scratching to the surface.

While Cooking.

Always pay attention while cooking to avoid burning food. If you burn food or let dry food on the surface of your cookware this will make the cleaning process more difficult.
Make sure your pan is thoroughly pre-heated before adding oil or any other seasoning. This way the food you’re cooking will not stick..

Cleaning and Maintenance.

Keep your nonstick cookware clean for consistent, quality performance. Any food residue or leftover grease will cook into the surface and carbonize, causing food to stick. That cooked-on residue is hard to see and even more difficult to remove, so wash carefully and thoroughly after each use with a nylon scrubbing pad and warm, sudsy water.

Finally, If you don´t like rice, don´t worry, you can use your paella pan for different recipes like cod in tomato sauce or sirloin in cava sauce.

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