Tea & Cookies by Magefesa USA

Drinking a cup of tea once a day is the best way to take care of yourself, and a perfect excuse to get together with friends!
It is proved that tea,  green tea in particular, owns natural properties which  can help you lower your bad cholesterol  levels, to prevent cardiovascular  diseases, protect your skin from ultraviolet rays and  also  lose weight. So, you have plenty of reasons  to prepare yourself a   nice cup of tea and enjoy its intense  flavor.

Magefesa´s chosen product

Stainless steel Tea kettle Acacia Blue 2 Qt


  • 2-Qt. Capacity.
  • Designed in highly polished premium stainless steel, it offers functionality and style.
  • Accented with color bakelite handles for an easy, secure grip.
  • Aluminum encapsulated bottom ensures even heat distribution.
  • Flat base allows maximum contact with burner and fast heating.
  • Removable lid for convenient filling and cleaning.
  • Pleasant whistling sound reliably signals boiling water.
  • Use on any type of stove top including induction.
  • Available in different colors.

Cookies to go with tea



  • 150 g Brown sugar
  • 150g White sugar
  • 125g Butter
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 spoonful of vanilla extract
  • 340g Flour
  • 1 spoonful bicarbonate
  • 150g Chocolate (in pieces)
  • Walnuts

Put two sugar (white and brown) and butter in a cup. Mix it 5 minutes until it gets soft.
Put eggs, flour, vanilla and bicarbonate, add walnuts and mix again.
To make the pastry, (we recommend you to use a wood spoon) add chocolate pieces and flour slowly and then separate in small balls to make each cookie.
Pre-heat the oven  to  360ºF and put the balls over ovenproof dish cover with vegetal paper. Left some space between each cookie to let it spread with high temperature.
Recipe yields 30 cookies.

Stainless steel tea Kettles care

It is recommended to clean your kettle with a soft sponge to prevent scratches and let it dry face down to avoid lime spots.

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