Mint Chocolate Fondue by Magefesa USA



  • 1- 3/4 Cup 64% cocoa chocolate frosting.
  • 1 Cup 35% fat cream.
  • 1/2 Cup milk.
  • 1/4 Cup aged rum.
  • 6 Mint leaves.


Heat the cream and milk in a Non-stick aluminum Magefesa saucepan. When it starts to boil turn off the heat and let mint leaves infuse for about 5 min.
Melt chocolate frosting in the microwave.
Mix chocolate with the milk. Add rum and cook about 3 min, stirring constantly.
Pour into the Fondue.
As dipping ingredients you can use fresh or candied fruits, biscuits, muffins, sobaos, etc
If we want to give a crispy touch add chopped nuts or cereals to the fondue.
To flavor the chocolate you can substitute mint for cinnamon, peel of citrus fruits, cardamom, vanilla, coconut and other fruit liqueurs, or any other favorite ingredients you may have.
If you find dark chocolate frosting too strong, it can be substituted for milk chocolate, white chocolate or colored frosting. However, have in mind chocolate melting points are not the same for all types of chocolate. White chocolate burns more easily than black chocolate.
Melting point for the various types of chocolate:

  • Dark chocolate from 130 °F to 135 °F
  • Milk chocolate or white chocolate,  from 110 °F  to120 °F

If we want to replace the chocolate frosting in this recipe, the following list shows the weight equivalence between the different varieties.

  • 3 Cups 35% cocoa white chocolate.
  • 2 Cups 40% cocoa chocolate pudding.
  • 1 – 3/4 Cup 60% cocoa dark chocolate.
  • 1 – 1/2 Cup 70% cocoa dark chocolate.


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