Shrimp Pil-Pil (Sizzling Shrimp) by Magefesa USA


  • 2/3 Lb Shrimp tails.
  • 3 Garlic cloves.
  • 1 Ají cacho de cabra (chili pepper).
  • Mild olive oil, 0.4°
  • 1/4 Cup white wine.
  • Parsley or cilantro (to taste).
  • Salt.

Peel the shrimp, season and set aside.
In a Coral Magefesa Wok pour olive oil and heat over medium heat, add the sliced garlic and a few chili pepper rings. Let it brown without getting burnt.
Add tails and cook over high heat.
Reduce heat to medium and pour in the white wine. Cook for two minutes.
Sprinkle with parsley or chopped cilantro and serve hot in a terracotta casserole.
The heads and shells can be kept in the freezer for later use. If added to a fish stock they will greatly enhance its flavor.

The pil-pil techinique consist of keeping the terracotta casserole hot with a drop of oil inside, so that the shrimp are sizzling by the time they reach the table.

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