Fruit chicken stir fry in sweet Pajarete Chilean wine by Magefesa USA



  • 1-1/2 Lb Chicken breast.
  • 1 Cup Pajarete Chilean wine (Protected Designation of Origin)
  • 2 Scallions.
  • 1 Carrot.
  • 1/2 Yellow bell pepper.
  • 4 Oz Seedless raisins.
  • 2 Oz Prunes.
  • 1 Peach.
  • Mild olive oil.
  • Salt and black pepper.
  • 2 Cloves.
  • Ginger (Kion).
  • 1 Tablespoon roasted sesame seeds.


Chop plums into long thin strips. Mix in with raisins, cover with wine and leave to soak for a couple of hours.
Chop onion, carrot and yellow pepper into thin Julienne strips.
Cut chicken breasts into fillets, and each fillet into thin strips. Season with salt, pepper and grated ginger to taste.
Heat a dash of olive oil in a Wok. Brown chicken strips over high heat. Remove from heat, drain and reserve.
Add vegetables and cloves to wok and cook in the same oil for about 5 minutes until crispy tender.
Add fruits and wine and let boil for a couple of minutes. Return chicken pieces to pan.
Let simmer until sauce reduces a little. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.


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