Chicken thighs cooked with pineapple, raisins and rum by Magefesa USA



  • 4 Complete thighs, (chicken leg and thigh).
  • 3 Medium onions.
  • 1 Red pepper.
  • 1 Green pepper.
  • 2 Tasty chili peppers.
  • 1 Celery sprig.
  • 2 Garlic cloves.
  • 1 Carrot.
  • 2 Lemon juice.
  • 200 gr. Natural pineapple.
  • 75. gr. Raisins.
  • 150 ml. Mature rum.
  • Virgin olive oil.
  • Salt, black pepper, oregano.
  • Poultry broth.

Cut each thigh into four pieces, season and dress with the lemon juice, mature rum, raisins and oregano to taste. Let it soften for about 30 minutes. Julienne the vegetables grind the garlic and dice the pineapple. When the marinading time has elapsed, drain the chicken and keep the juice. Heat a bit of virgin olive oil in a Magefesa Avant Titan Pressure Cooker. When hot, brown the chicken and turn it over until uniformly sealed. Set aside and keep. Poach all vegetables over medium heat in the same pot. When done to perfection, add the chicken and the marinating juice. Let it cook for a couple of minutes until alcohol evaporates. Cover it with the poultry broth and add the pineapple.
Close the pressure cooker, increase the temperature and wait until the steam reaches maximum pressure. Low the temperature down to the minimum and let it cook for about 12 min. Set aside the pot and wait until pressure is completely released before opening the lid. Serve the chicken accompanied by some rice, salad or potatoes.

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