Chicken salad with fruits and red curry by Magefesa USA



  • 200 gr. Mixed sprout salad (lettuce, lollo rosso, oak leaf, shiso, mustard, etc.).
  • 250 gr. Chicken breast.
  • Mixed fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, pomegranates, mango, etc.)
  • 125 ml. Creamy yogurt, Greek style.
  • Salt.
  • White pepper.
  • Lime.
  • 1 tbs. Red curry.
  • 30 ml. Mild olive oil.


Prepare a paste with the red curry and olive oil. Chop the chicken breast into long thin strips, incorporate the red curry paste and stir well. Let it marinate into the fridge for 2 to 3 hours. Prepare a dressing with the spiced yogurt to taste and a few drops of lime juice. Once the chicken marinating time has elapsed, heat a few drops of olive oil in a Magefesa skillet and fry the chicken over medium heat until evenly browned. Remove and let it cool. Wash fruits and chop the largest ones if necessary. Set a base of mixed salad and split the chicken strips and fruits over it. At the time of serving, dress the salad with yogurt cream.
We can use any kind of fruit for this salad, but this time it is better to use reddish fruits because it is the color that symbolizes love, passion, strength or pleasure.


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